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With a history dating back to 1990, Dr. George Medical Clinics has evolved from a single medical clinic into a company operating five medical clinics, three physiotherapy centers, and two dental clinics in Hong Kong.

We place great emphasis on patient education, consultation experience, and the quality of our professional knowledge and medications. We are one of the pioneer evangelists in embedding patient education into the process of medical consultation, and take a holistic approach in treating patients rather than just a particular disease.

We take pride in imparting accurate information to our patients, and discussing with them the best treatment plans to suit their needs. We insist on prescribing only high-quality, brand-named medications, and this has won the company the trust of our clients and all a long-standing good reputation.

We are the first medical clinic in Hong Kong to secure a tenancy with the MTRCL at its station (the Olympic Station in 2001), and also the first dental clinic to secure a similar tenancy (the HK Station, Airport Express Rail in 2004).

In 2004, our third medical clinic was opened in the HK Station. This was followed by another clinic in the Hong Kong International Airport, in 2006. Our fifth clinic opened in 2008 in Skyway House, Tai Kok Tsui.


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